Personal outpatient visit and second opinion

Personal outpatient visit and second opinion

If you have been diagnosed with Moyamoya or another symptomatic vascular occlusion of the brain and you would like to have further evaluation in our specialized center, we will be pleased to answer your questions. Despite being a high-volume center, we are highly dedicated in tailoring a personal treatment plan for each patient, who will always have a dedicated doctor being in charge.

If you have been diagnosed with an unclear alteration of the cerebral vessels (unclear carotid stenosis, carotid occlusion, middle cerebral artery stenosis, middle cerebral artery occlusion) and you wish a second opinion, we might offer you an appointment in our special outpatient clinic.

Please obtain the following documents before a first presentation:

All existing images (MRI, CT, angiography) on CD / DVD
All existing medical reports

For general inquiries regarding your disease, please send an e-mail to moyamoya@neurochirurgie-tuebingen.de.

Postal image request

If you live far away or if it is not possible for you to introduce yourself personally, there is also the possibility of sending your documents by post. Please send all the above mentioned documents together with your contact details to the address below for advice. We will then review the documents and send you a timely feedback with our recommendation.

If you do not live in Germany, the contact request should be made primarily by email to moyamoya@neurochirurgie-tuebingen.de, we will then connect you with our International Office.

Our postal address is:

PD Dr. Constantin Roder

Neurosurgery, Moyamoya Center

Hoppe-Seyler-Str. 3

72076 Tübingen