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Department & Team

Neurosurgery intensive care unit 21

Telephone numbers of the intensive care units

Neurosurgery intensive care unit 21: +49 (0) 7071-29 85848
Anesthesiological intensive care unit 39: +49 (0) 7071-29 86724


utkn-intensivstation-bild-1 The station 21 has 14 fully equipped intensive medical beds, divided into two four-bed rooms and two twin rooms. Furthermore, the Anästhesiologische Intensivstation 39 provides permanent 6 beds for neuro-surgical patients. Patient documentation is implemented via the online documentation system "ICCA". In the 3-shift system, two patients are always cared for by a nursing staff; medical care is provided with one assistant and one surgeon per ward.

Nurses of the neurosurgical intensive care unit::

utkn-intensivstation-bild-2The nursing team of neuro-surgical intensive care is made up of over 60 nurses. The individual nursing staff of the intensive care unit are highly qualified and have a wide range of advanced and advanced training. The spectrum of existing qualifications extends from specialist care for intensive care and anesthesia, intermediate care, kinaesthetics (certified user), practical guidance to a study of nursing education.