Exchange program ATCHYN

ATCHYN (Advanced Techniques for the Young Neurosurgeon)
ATCHYN is an exchange program between the Brazilian Academy of Neurosurgery (ABNc) and the neurosurgery of the University Hospital of Tübingen. The program has always been held between June and July of the year since 2007. Participants are ten young neurosurgery assistants or specialists from all Latin America (cooperation between the Brazilian Academy of Neurosurgery and the Latin American Federation of Neurosurgical Societies - FLANC).

For a total of four weeks, the participants have the opportunity to accompany the daily routine of the clinic, to see numerous surgical procedures, to attend lectures on important neurosurgery topics and to get to know the European standard as well as a German university clinic. At the same time, a broad social and cultural program takes place, within which the participants can get to know Germany and Europe better by means of excursions and spa breaks. Due to the open interaction between the doctors of the clinic and the participants, several cooperation projects have already been developed.

Since 2008, the Tübingen Course for Neurosurgeons on Microsurgical Approaches and Live Surgery (TCNA) has also been held during the ATCHYN exchange program. Within the framework of the course the participants learn the anatomy, as well as techniques of the operative accesses to the posterior cranial fossa. In addition to numerous lectures, there will be a hands-on workshop as well as live surgery.


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