Internship in Neurosurgery

During Medical School, internships help students to learn and engage in the daily routines of the Department of Neurosurgery. We want students to acquire practical skills as well as know-how. This includes, but is not limited to: being present at neurosurgical procedures and learning the proper conduct in the operating room, learning venipuncture and inserting peripheral venous lines, participating in rounds on the neurosurgical wards as well as the interdisciplinary intensive care unit and much more.

Our department’s international observership program provides qualified international medical students an opportunity to visit our Department of Neurosurgery for the purpose of observing certain activities on a temporary, restricted basis. The observership shall be strictly an observational tutorial program. Accordingly, each participant shall only be permitted to observe the activities of our department and to discuss his/her observations with department employees. A participant shall not have access to hands-on patient care or contact, examination, research or other work during his/her observership. A participant shall at all times be treated by the department as a visitor.

Application process: All applicants must complete the Visiting International Students Application Form